Temporary Fencing

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Types Of Temporary Fencing Services We Provide


Value Dumpster Rental San Juan strives to provide the best fencing service to commercial and construction customers throughout the capital city! If you represent a property or business and want to protect materials from being stolen or property from being damaged, then acquiring temporary fencing from us will effectively restrict access to the area. We will deliver temporary fencing at a very economical cost.

Fence Rentals For Event Support

Organizers and producers who are preparing for a public outdoor event, such as a carnival, concert, festival or fair are going to want to implement some physical barriers for security, parking, and crowd control. All these requirements can be met by simply calling our support number at (787) 330-2171, and discussing your plans with a member of our knowledgeable staff. We have temporary fencing available that satisfies the purposes of restricting access to a performance stage, cordoning off a parking area, and other applications.

Temporary Fence Rentals for Construction Support

If you are a real estate developer, general contractor, demolition contractor, or supervisor managing a project site, controlling access to the area is of critical importance. Not only to protect equipment from vandalism or theft but to protect the general public from the equipment! Imagine the headaches that can arise from being responsible for multiple project sites. Having fencing installed by our professionals will give you peace of mind and allow you to sleep better at night! Just call us and provide the details of the site, type of project, and expected duration, and we’ll take care of the rest. Call us now at (787) 330-2171, and we’ll quote you a great rate!

After confirming your order, our account manager will schedule our delivery team for your desired date, and your rental fencing will be installed as per the guidelines stipulated in your order summary. If you want a post-pound installation, then that’s also possible!

Once your project or event is complete, call us to schedule our return to your site for the pickup. Our team will disassemble the fencing, pack-up, and make our way!

Value Dumpster Rental San Juan provides the following fencing types to our customers:

Picket, Wind zone, Aluminium, Chain, Pool fencing, Wood, and Privacy type.

To discuss which of these types will work best for you, or if you have any other questions or concerns on your mind, please give a polite and courteous member of our team a call at (787) 330-2171. We are always happy to help you. For more information related to dumpster rentals or other waste management services, we can help with that too!