Portable Restrooms

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Information About Different Types of Portable Restrooms

Standard Single Restroom

This is the most preferred for use at construction sites and commercial properties. If there are 10-15 workers, then this single restroom will be sufficient. If there are more than 15 workers, a 2nd unit will definitely be necessary.

Deluxe Toilets

These are preferred for weddings, parties, and special events such as concerts and fairs. Deluxe units have a sink and a hands-free pump. When you contact us, don’t forget to let us know the number of guests who are going to attend the event. If you are going to organize a wedding, then rent one of these porta-johns because they have a flushing feature, making the experience nicer for your guests. There are also waste and water storage tanks installed inside the unit for water to prevent the toilet from becoming inaccessible. The various types of porta-potty units that we maintain in our inventory here at Value Dumpster Rental San Juan continues below:

Heavy-Duty Portable Toilets

These units are meant for intensive, frequent usage at construction purposes and where there is a need for our drivers to service the unit more frequently. Heavy-duty portable washrooms are sometimes equipped with lifting hooks to ensure fast removal and replacement by our driver technicians.

Roller Porta-Potties

These large units are handy because they have wheels that make it easier to move them to different locations on the premises or fit them into narrow spots. (Note: Standard single portable toilets – without wheels – can also be repositioned with a fair amount of ease.)

Handicap Accessible Porta-Potties

This is a good option for the elderly, physically impaired, or anyone temporarily using a wheelchair. The ramp into the facility makes it a lot more user-friendly for such folks. Additionally, there is extra square footage around the john, and hand railing on both sides to help them get out of their chair, and back in again.

Solar Restrooms

This is the best option for people who are environmentally friendly and want to use renewable sources of energy. It is spacious, comfortable and perfect for most parties and functions. These are usually a little taller than standard restrooms.

Apart from using a portable toilet, you need to ensure your hand hygiene. For that, make certain to wash your hands after using the toilet in order to prevent the spread of germs to others.

If you are planning to rent a porta-potty for an upcoming event, then please give us a call now at (787) 330-217, and talk to an experienced account manager on our team. They will provide complete information on what type of restroom best suits your requirements.