Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Dumpster Rental

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Renting a dumpster has plenty of benefits, such as better and more efficient waste management. However, a dumpsters can be quite expensive, especially if you are renting a 30 or 40 yard dumpster. To help you get the best deal, here are some tips for how you can save money on your rental (whether it’s with us, or another company!).

What You Should Know About Dumpster Rental Rates ?

Before looking at ways to save on your dumpster rental, it is best that you first understand the logic behind the rates dumpster rental. Usually, dumpster rental companies charges consider these factors:


Companies compute how much effort it takes to deliver and pick up the dumpster from your location. If you live far away, expect that the cost for your dumpster rental will be a little higher.


Another factor in the computation of dumpster rental rates is the actual size of the dumpster. The bigger the dumpster, the more effort it takes to deliver and haul hence why it is more expensive.

Rental Period

You can usually rent a dumpster for as long as you want, but your rental usually comes with a certain number of days included with the price. Some dumpster companies give discounts and promos if you return the dumpster early, but you are still likely going to pay the same price whether you use the dumpster for one day or for seven.

How to Save on Dumpster Costs?

The cost of dumpster rental varies depending on your circumstances, which is why it is entirely possible to reduce the rental rate. Here are some ways that you can diminish its cost:

1. Negotiate

Although some dumpster rental companies have a set price for a specific dumpster, you could always try to negotiate the cost. Doing this is especially useful when you are near the company’s headquarters. The chances of getting a discount are high when you leverage your location. This is why it is vital to make sure that the dumpster rental service that you will be using is within your city or local area. This way, it is less effort for the company, and you are more likely to get a discount. Also, when you negotiate, try to be courteous and friendly. That often works better than being pushy and rude.

2. Rent During the Weekdays

Another way of saving on your dumpster rental is by scheduling it during a weekday. It is best to do it in midweek, to be exact. This is because dumpster rental companies are more likely to be less busy during that time, giving you a better chance of scoring a deal. Try to book your delivery on a Tuesday and have it picked up on a Wednesday. This way, the company will be assured that their dumpster will be back before the weekend rush begins.

3. Go For a Smaller Size dumpster.

As mentioned above, the size of your dumpster is factored in when computing the total cost. This means that if you go for a smaller container, you will pay less. To be successful with this, it is best to calculate how much waste you need to dispose of. Doing this will also prevent you from underestimating the dumpster rental size you need. You may actually want a larger dumpster with a higher weight limit if you have a lot of heavy items to dispose of.

Final Thoughts

If you are doing a renovation or you are disposing of big items such as furniture, opting for a dumpster rental is always a good idea for efficient waste management. Although the cost can be a little high, following the tips mentioned above will help you reduce the price of your rental.